Style Points

Style Points are awarded for players being cool players and characters being awesome characters. The Gm is awarded 2 Style Points per player per scene to hand out or spend on cool stuff per scene. Unlike players, a GM’s style points are not cumulative.

Players can do 3 things with their style points.


the first is simply mechanical. They can spend a style point to upshift one of their qualities or their power by one rank for a single action. they can only spend 1 style point per action this way. Style Points can be added to a roll retroactively as a twist to a failed action and swing the result back in their favor.


A player can gift a style point to another player at any time, for any reason.

Influence the story

This is the coolest thing a player can do with their style points! by spending SP, a player can dictate or influence elements of the story, or write in useful coincidences. Depending on the magnitude of the change or unlikelihood of the coincidence, the GM will determine the cost, but generally:

  • 1SP = a small change or slightly useful convenience.
  • 2SP = a moderate change or useful convenience.
  • 3SP = a large change or useful convenience. This is a pretty big deal!

In this manner, SP allows the players to dictate the direction of the story and upping the drama. They can even choose to raise the stakes or make things harder for their characters!

The GM can only do 1 thing with his SP.

The GM can gift SP to players for being cool players, or doing something cool in the game. Any time a player character is affected by their desire, fear, or foible they receive 1SP. Any time a player fails an action, they also receive 1SP.

Style Points

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