PDQ Modified

This game runs on a modified version of the simple, fast, flexible and fun Prose descriptive Qualities system, with a few modifications. This page will link to the basics of the rules, along with character creation and task resolution.

Below are some useful charts that can be used as a quick reference for task resolution.

Quality Rank

level rank Quality strength Modifier to 2D6 roll
Poor n/a Notably Inept, a drawback, handicap, or foible -2
Average n/a Typical human capability – not noteworthy 0
Good Better than usual, most professionals or talented newcomers +2
Expert Noted/famed professional; talent with skill to back it up +4
Master Acclaimed genius: talent with substantial skill behind it +6

Difficulty Chart

level Difficulty rank Target Number
Poor A trivial task. 5
Average Straightforward task. 7
Good Complex task, requiring attention to detail. 9
Expert Intricate task, difficult and requiring sharp concentration, hard for a typical untrained person (Average). 11
Master Extremely difficult task, hard for most professionals in the field (Good). 13


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