Qualities are a character’s resources, abilities, or areas of expertise. These are the meat and potatoes of your character, describing what they are good at and what resources they have.
A quality has a name, a rank, a modifier, and a penumbra. Below is a few examples of some qualities.

Gregarious [+2]
John is a friendly, cheerful guy that others find very easy to like. He can often smooth over awkward situations or put others at ease with a natural smile and the right words.

Police Detective [+4]
As a detective, John knows various forensic, investigative, and interrogative techniques to find information. The badge can also open a lot of doors.

On the Take [+6]
John has influential connections with a powerful crime organization. In return for looking the other way and helping the family out with some problematic affairs, john has access to wealth, influence, and information that helps him in his professional and personal life.

The name of a quality should briefly describe it’s function in one or two words, and be a quick reference for the player and GM. Make them easy to understand and clear. There can also be a degree of overlap in some qualities. Some qualities may be broader than others.

For example, Gunplay relates specifically to being good at handling and shooting firearms. Police Officer, amongst other things could also cover the use of a service pistol. Someone with the quality of soldier would also have training in firearms.

When creating qualities, it can help to have an idea of your character, who they are and what you want them to represent and base their qualities on these aspects of the character. Break them down into things that they do, have, or beneficial behaviors.

Penumbras are used to give brief, informative descriptions of how the quality works, and how it relates to the character.

Below are the various ranks for a quality, their rank cost, and their modifier.

level rank Quality strength Modifier to 2D6 roll
Poor n/a Notably Inept, a drawback, handicap, or foible -2
Average n/a Typical human capability – not noteworthy 0
Good Better than usual, most professionals or talented newcomers +2
Expert Noted/famed professional; talent with skill to back it up +4
Master Acclaimed genius: talent with substantial skill behind it +6

Poor and Average ranks in a quality cost nothing, since average is completely unremarkable, an ability any person would have – and poor level is an actual hindrance, making it harder to accomplish a task – actually applying a -2 modifier to any roll it affects.

A Good quality costs 1 rank total, and gives a +2 modifier to any roll it affects.

An Expert quality costs 2 ranks total. An expert would be a leader in their field, able to accomplish difficult tasks in their domain. Expert qualities give +4 to any rolls they affect.

A Master quality costs 3 ranks total, and is the peak of human skill. An Olympic gold medalist, A famous composer, a millionaire playboy. Master qualities give +6 to any rolls they affect.

A new Good quality would cost 1 rank. A new expert quality would cost 2 ranks. A new master Quality would cost 3 ranks.

To increase a good quality to expert, would only cost 1 extra rank. To increase a good quality to master would cost 2 ranks. To increase an expert quality to master would only cost 1 rank.

_Players can only start with a maximum of 3 ranks in any one quality, giving a +6 modifier. If a player character wanted to be particularly good at something, the could have a general quality that may describe their career or archetype, and then a specialized quality for a particular aspect.

For instance, if the character had “Soldier +4” and “Rifle +6” then when using their rifle, they would get a total +10 bonus. Such specialization can leave a character lacking in certain situations though._

Quality Examples:

Physical: Gunplay, Kung Fu, Roguishly Handsome, Weightlifting, Ballroom Dance, Perseverance.

Mental: Oriental Philosophy, Fine Food and Drink, Sports Trivia, Speed-reading, Strategy & Tactics, Computer Programming.

Social: Wu-Shen Monks, MI6, Football Team, Conversationalist, Intimidating Guy, Charmingly Effusive.

Professional: Teacher, Martial Artist, Spy, Professional Athlete, Freelance Writer, Bounty Hunter, Mad Scientist.


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