Power Origins

Since the late 1940’s there have been rare individuals and creatures that have displayed abilities that surpass the natural laws of physics and nature.

Very few individuals from the first decade are alive today, and even fewer of them are sane. Of this handful of people, none have spoken about exactly how they came to have these unusual abilities.

There are a few who have inherited their powers from parents, and the other ways of attaining powers will be revealed through the game.


Powers are much like Qualities, but describe abilities that surpass natural laws to manipulate the player’s character, others, or the environment. Along with a name, a rank, a modifier, and a penumbra, powers also have two extra components to qualities; Triggers and Blocks.

A trigger is something the character has to do or experience in order to activate their power. This could be as simple as having to wave their arms about, say a phrase, or click their fingers. It could be a smell or a sound they have to hear. It may be an emotional state. Perhaps it’s a drug or some other habit. This should be something that can mostly be controlled by the character. (Perhaps requiring practice)

A block is the exact opposite, it’s an action or experience that shuts down their power. Again, this could be an action or an emotional state, or some sort of experience. Either way it shuts down their power completely, and should be involuntary.

Examples of powers

Telekinesis [+2]
Character can move and manipulate objects with their mind. When used normally, objects can be moved and manipulated with the strength and dexterity of a human in peak condition.
Trigger: Concentration. Character must be able to concentrate clearly on what they are trying to manipulate.
Block: living things. Character cannot lift or manipulate anything alive directly with their Telekinesis. They can however, push inanimate things into them.

Super Strength [+4]
Character’s body is stronger than any normal human’s, able to perform incredible feats of strength.
Trigger: heart rate. Character must have an accelerated heart rate through excitement, fear, or extreme exertion.
Block: Weariness/hunger. If character is not well fed and well rested, extended use of power is impossible, causing them to collapse.

Illusioins [+2]
John can create illusions, both images and sounds to distract or confuse others.
Trigger: Lucky coin. John must hold his lucky dollar coin in his left hand in order to activate his power.
Block: Scrutiny. If john feels either his illusions or himself are under intense scrutiny, they fall apart.

Off Limits Powers

Some powers are just too troublesome for a game, either breaking it, or they must be controlled so much they become useless and no fun for the player. Listed below are some examples.

  • Time travel: This just makes a mess of a game if used in a constant fashion.
  • Prescience: Too hard to do well, and keep the game fun.
  • Teleportation: too easy to defuse conflicts.
  • Super Science: doesn’t exist in this world (yet?) super science is something that should change a society drastically, so for now it’s off the books.


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