Character Creation

Making a Character

The best way to make a character in PDQ is to start with a concept. Think of what type of character you want to play, what would inspire them and drive them, the things they would excel at, and the things that would make life more difficult for them. Once you have the idea of this character in your head, break them up into smaller chunks and assign these aspects of the character to Qualities, powers, Foibles, a Desire, and a Fear.

I’m going to use the example of John Briscoe, a crooked cop. John’s friendly, likeable, and good at his job. He’s also got strong ties to a wealthy, influential organized crime family. At times this is a great help for John, allowing him access to information other cops simply do not have, or muscle to reach criminals that the law can’t touch. Sometimes, however, the family calls on his services to bend the law for them, make damning evidence disappear, or frame a rival, or simply to look the other way.
John also has an internal affairs agent he’d wronged in the past dogging his every move, itching for him to slip up. Fortunately, John has an ace up his sleeve nobody knows about. He can create illusions and trick the minds of those around him.


Character Creation

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