The Vector is the primary source of powers.



Unrelenting [+6]
It is singular and unrelenting in it’s drive, and will not be deterred or distracted.

Imposing [+4]
It’s presence and demeanor are larger than life, commanding awe and disquiet. It’s silent disregard for most things around it is alien and frightening.

Adaptive [+2]
The Vector’s physiology is highly adaptive, and can change to suit it’s situation and environment over time. Drugs, atmosphere, temperature, etc.


Power Maker [+8]
Using it’s blood, it can mutate living organisms to have reality warping powers. Often these mutations are uncontrolled and result in berserk creatures and insane individuals. Occasionally, it will result in people who are relatively unchanged and somewhat sane.

Trigger: Must expose subject to Vector’s blood.

Block: none.

Power Mimic [+6]
The Vector can mimic the power of any creature it has come into proximity to. The closer or more recent the proximity, the more powerful the mimic ability is.

Trigger: Proximity to a power to “Learn” it.

  • Immediate: [+6]
  • Within a week: [+4]
  • Within a month:[+2]
  • Within 6 months: [+0]

Block: Sedation. While heavily sedated, the vector cannot use this power.


Desire: Propagate Powers. The Vector desires only to complete it’s task of propagating powers amongst living things on the planet, creating enough “active” biomass to launch more spore meteorites into space.

Fear: Capture. The Vector has been captured and delayed from it’s purpose before by the First Heroes. This gives the Vector a sense of urgency, and a hatred for those that held it the captive.



The Vector was the first terrestrial being to receive powers from the meteorite that hit the earth in the late 1940’s. Nothing is known about the individual before they received their powers. In fact, their existence before the meteor has only been deduced by the fact that they are human.

When the team of what would become the First Heroesfound the crater, the Vector was already lying in the cooling debris, naked and emitting a soft red light.

The Vector rose from the crater, and spent the next 12 years traveling the world, stopping in cities and towns to use it’s blood to give people, animals, and plants powers.


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