Mercy McCallister

Homeless and out of work would-be writer who begins hearing the voice of "God"


Wordsmith +4: All the awesome powers of an English degree are at her command.
Self-Reliance +4: Mercy’s a smart woman, and she’s learned a lot from her time on the street
Lived Hard +2: It shouldn’t be surprising that “Strategic homelessness” is a good physical regimen for toughening a person.
Power: Providence +2: Whether it’s God or simply madness, Mercy is in tune with something, allowing her an unnatural, perhaps divine edge through prayer, countered by doubt as she questions her sanity
Power: Lay on Hands +2: Is it a miracle or something else? Whatever it is, Mercy can now heal anyone but herself with a touch.

Foible: Atheism – Particularly troublesome when you’re hearing God.


Mercy McCallister
Age: 25

I’m not homeless. I…strategically surrendered my apartment until I can get a paycheck again. Much easier to live out of my car, anyway; well, at least it was until it got impounded. Yeah, the cops don’t like it when you stop feeding change into the meters. I thought driving from meter to meter, finding one that still had time would save me money. Then I ran out of gas so…

Having no car is fine. Didn’t like it that much and it was too old anyway, I don’t think it even met the emission standards! Good riddance, I wanted a Prius anyway. Hah…Well, that’s for when I get another job. It’ll happen soon, employers are just dying to snap up those English majors…

Fuck. Ugh! I had this, like, fantastic job. Right out of college, this neat little publishing company, Medea Media hired me. They did a lot of real edgy feminist stuff back in the sixties and that’s still pretty much their M.O. I was hoping that maybe I could show them some of my work, eventually. Not at first, I’m not stupid. Maybe after a year of working there. But when the recession hit, they kinda found it hard to keep the new proofreading girl on payroll. Finding another job was pretty much impossible. Probably should have settled for Burger King.

But that was like, years ago. I’m just gonna wait out the recession. I’ve been reading up on Emerson, you know, self-reliance. That’s how I live my life now. Well, I use the soup kitchens and the shelters, I’m not dumb. But I know how to handle myself. I mean, at first I was terrified. No friends here, well except for Candice Jones. She’s this volunteer at one of the shelters I got to when it’s really cold. We hang out, she reads my manuscript, we chat, that sorta thing. She’s real nice. Not really sure what she does for a living, I think it’s medical research or something. She doesn’t know what I do either. I kind of lied and said I was just volunteering at the shelter. I don’t know why, I’d been on the street for a year or so then, not like I was ashamed of it or anything. She was just so nice and so funny…I came here for the job, so it’s not like any of my college friends are out here. I talked at work, but I was there for like a month. No one really talked to me after I was canned. No family either…

My family died a while back. If I had any relatives left, they didn’t care enough to be found after the accident. Me, mom, dad, and my little brother Jacob, were all in the car, driving back from Mass on Christmas Day—Sorry, I forgot to mention that. I was raised Catholic, like REALLY Catholic. Why do you think I’m named Mercy? It was nice enough, I guess. Good community, they raised a bunch of money for me when…When a drunk driver took out our car. I was pretty hurt but no one else even made it to the hospital. I guess I kind of started getting into Self-Reliance back then, since I had a little falling out with my faith.

I was fourteen back then which pretty much means you’re not going to be adopted. I did pretty well for myself. Got into a community college, anyway—most of the others didn’t even finish high school.

So yeah, that’s pretty much me. If you don’t mind, I could use a little help here, so whatever you can spare would be great. I could give you a copy of my manuscript, it’s sort of an autobiography…No? Well, I’ve got a job interview soon and I could really use some new clothes. Don’t know why they’d hire someone with a degree in English, but I hear that like half of us just end up doing office work anyway…Thanks, man.

Mercy McCallister

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