John Briscoe

John is an example character



Gregarious [+2]
John is a friendly, cheerful guy that others find very easy to like. He can often smooth over awkward situations or put others at ease with a natural smile and the right words.

Police Detective [+4]
As a detective, John knows various forensic, investigative, and interrogative techniques to find information. The badge can also open a lot of doors.

On the Take [+6]
John has influential connections with a powerful crime organization. In return for looking the other way and helping the family out with some problematic affairs, john has access to wealth, influence, and information that helps him in his professional and personal life.


Illusions [+2]
John can create illusions, both images and sounds to distract or confuse others.
Trigger: Lucky coin. John must hold his lucky dollar coin in his left hand in order to activate his power.
Block: Scrutiny. If john feels either his illusions or himself are under intense scrutiny, they fall apart.


Marry Deborah Fiverelli
: John is in love with the daughter of Marco Fiverelli, the crime boss he has found himself working for, and wishes to marry her. Now if only he can get her overprotective father to bless such a union.

Being exposed
: John is afraid that if he lets even one of the plates he keeps spinning drop his whole world will come down. He worries to the point of paranoia that the wrong people will find out that he is dirty, or that he’s dating a crime-boss’ daughter, or that he has a strange power.

Nemesis: Jane Masters [-2]

John is hounded by internal affairs officer, Jane Masters, who is also his ex-girlfriend. She knows John is dirty, and driven by resentment for a bad breakup, goes out of her way to try and prove it.


John Briscoe

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